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Monday, June 29 2015


Yesterday (Sunday June 28th), I postponed my prepared sermon and instead talked about God's call on our lives in response to last Friday's SCOTUS (Supreme Court of the United States) ruling on gay marriage.  In reality, this shouldn't be a 'response', it should be our continual way of living as we engage our world through the transforming influence of our union with Christ.  In any case, I received more response from yesterday's sermon than I have any sermon in my 11 years as Trinity's pastor.  This is a topic that will eventually impact us all, and I encourage you to listen to the recording if you missed Sunday.  However, you need to listen to the whole talk- where I go with this may not be what you initially expect.

I have attached below some links that should be useful to you.  First, the actual text of the SCOTUS ruling, along with the opinions of the four dissenting justices.  This isn't light reading, but it is TREMENDOUSLY important!  If you take the time to read these (especially the dissents),  you will be more educated on this than 95% of America.  I also have linked two articles that are worth your time, and will be thought provoking (if not gut wrenching).  Finally, here are the scripture references that we read as part of Sunday's discussion. (Note- I'll have the audio of my message up tomorrow).


Scripture I referenced on Sunday: Romans 1:18-2:2, Romans 2:17-24, Romans 3:9-12, Romans 3:20-25, Romans 5:1-11, Romans 12:9-19, 1 Peter 2:11-12

Listen to my message from Sunday HERE.

SCOTUS gay marriage: Summary

SCOTUS gay marriage: Opinion (ruling)

SCOTUS gay marriage: Dissent, Justice Roberts

SCOTUS gay marriage: Dissent, Justice Scalia

SCOTUS gay marriage: Dissent, Justice Thomas

SCOTUS gay marriage: Dissent, Justice Alito

Article: The new reality of a post-Christian America

Article: Gender fluid America (seeing the insanity)

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